You are watching a horror movie, and in the mid of that, you feel your heart leap. Or have you ever felt that for some time, your heart beats more faster than usual and your breathing rate increases, and you can feel the adrenaline rush throughout your body?

This feeling turns out to be a good thing for weight loss as it burns your calories.
Burn your calories through watching Horror movies
The University of Westminster conducted a study which states about the effects which horror movies can cause to your body. The study mentions that watching horror movies can have the side effect of burning your calories.
Dr. Richard Mackenzie has led this study and has explained the process in following words:
The blood of the person flows around the body in faster speed when the heart rate is increased, or the pulse rate is elevated while watching the scary movie. Due to this, a sudden increase in the amount of adrenaline can be noticed. This is also produced when one is stressed such as fight situation or saving one’s life or is stressed because of the lifting of heavy weights.
This increase in the amount of adrenaline lowers the appetite of a person and increases the metabolic rate of basal. So, in turn, it helps in the increase in burning of calories.
When watching a scary movie, you might have experienced the feeling of lost appetite. This is not due to the suffering that you feel being the victim which was ripped apart by an alien or some other serial killer or some monster in the movie. But this is due to the fact that your body was telling you that it is time to be running to save the life instead of eating.
While watching a horror movie you are not only abstained from eating the food, but it gives your metabolism the boost which is required to burn more amount of calories.

So in watching an average horror movie of 90 minutes, you can get rid of 110 calories. This is not a lot of amounts, but the interesting thing is that these calories are being burned when you are sitting peacefully. Therefore, it is an awesome effect of the horror movies.
Which of the horror movies burn the calories most?
If  you are now looking for the best horror movies to watch that will burn your calories then read below:
Horror movies with psychological nature can make your heart race faster but for burning the calories, the horror movies that frightened you do the work. The University of Westminster published a detailed list after the research to search out the movies, and the following are the top 10 which aids in the burning of calories:

  1. 184 calories can be lost by watching The Shining
  2. 161 calories by Jaws
  3. 158 calories by The Exorcist
  4. 152 calories by Alien
  5. 133 calories by Saw
  6. 118 calories by A Nightmare on Elm Street
  7. 111 calories by Paranormal Activity
  8. 105 calories by The Blair Witch Project
  9. 107 calories by The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  10. 101 calories by [Rec]

    Comedy movies also help in burning the calories, but a number of calories burned by watching comedies is very less. An average person can burn 10 to 40 calories by laughing for about 15 minutes.