Oily skin has always left women upset as applied makeup either melts or after some time the skin looks bad. The problems increase in summers when it is too hot. Professionals like celebrities, actors, and models have to carry heavy makeup at any cost. Luckily there are a number of primers and bases which can help to cure oily skin.

Follow the following steps to get the perfect makeup that will last the whole day on a hot summer day:

1)    Skin type: Remember if your skin type is oily you have to select a nonliquid base, mostly a stick or pancake.

2)    Store Selection: Make sure you buy it from a good store and do check out its expiry.

3)    Place: Keep it in a dry place.

4)    Face wash: Wash your face gently with a dry face wash.

5)    Corrector: Apply color corrector for dark circles if you have and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

6)    Concealer: Apply concealer all over your face.

7)    Primer for open pores: After that apply makeup primer for hiding open pores.

8)    Primer for skin glow: Apply another primer which will give glow on your skin.

9)    Sponge:  After 15-20 minutes take a base sponge, wet it with ice cold water and apply base. Make sure it is well merged with the help of the sponge. Make sure you merge every single part of face and neck and then let it dry.

10)    Face powder: Make sure you apply face powder very gently for avoiding cracks.

11)    Toner: Later you can also try makeup toner. It helps the makeup to stay for long.

12)    Avoiding eye shadows: Remember when it is too hot, avoid applying too many eyeshadows, maybe a silver pencil would be enough.

13)    Liner: A thin liner would be sufficient. Apply a very thin straight line of the eyeliner. Avoid making curves.

14)    Kajal: If you can not carry a kajal avoid applying.

15)    Mascara: Apply waterproof high volume mascara.

16)    Shimmer: Avoid applying shimmer of any kind as it would give an oily look.

17)    Blush-on and Bronzer: Make sure you do not apply a very heavy blush. The bronzer should also be avoided in summer.

18)    Lipstick: Lipstick is the heart of entire makeup. Now, this is your choice and work demand. Your choice you can have matte, or bold or whatever you like but make sure it is not too glossy that it starts to melt and mix with the base.

19)    Fake lashes: Avoid wearing extra things on the face like false eyelashes. These do not natural as it might create problems and itching in summers.

20)    Washing out the makeup: Though the last but most important step is removing the makeup. We take hours to get ready and fractions of seconds to get rid of it. It is extremely important to cleanse your makeup gently with a cleanser. Take a cleanser of any good company and cleanse your skin thoroughly. After that take a wet cotton and with the help of it remove the entire makeup and then wash your face.