Everyone wants to look like a movie star or perhaps a model. But we lead busy lives and between running here and there, from work to our homes, there is a dire shortage of time and we forget to pay attention to ourselves.But there is always a way. Our houses are full of ingredients we can use to beautify ourselves. So, stop wasting your precious time in beauty parlors and give these home remedies a go.

Say goodbye to acne:

Take equal amounts of vinegar and apple cider and mix them and then allow them to cool down a bit. Apply this to your facial parts that are bothering you. This maintains PH and opens up pores.

How to make your hair sleek?:

Many conditioners, shampoos are advertised with the false taglines, promising to make your hair glow. But actually they are loaded with sulphites and all those dangerous chemicals you have read about in chemistry classes. Add apple cider to your hair and wash it out with cold water, after shampooing. This will make your hair shine.

Extension of perfume scent with Vaseline:

The usual perfumes and deodorants wear out after a while. But there is a way to make them last longer.Use Vaseline. It absorbs perfume, making you smell better for hours.

Whiten your teeth:

Baking soda and strawberry can be used to whiten teeth, too and you can easily forgo that dentist’s appointment.Strawberry has malic acid which is a very good stain remover.

Dark circles will abandon you for good:

Most of us work tiring jobs and sleep deprivation is our common companion. Gradually, dark circles begin to adorn the area under your eyes. To get rid of them,mash mint leaves and apply on your circles for ten minutes and you will notice a difference in a few days.

Oranges are exfoliators:

Cut an orange into slices and dab them on all your dry areas even your feet and feel the difference!


All you need is one tomato to make tomato pulp. Apply this pulp mask to your face for ten minutes and then rinse carefully. Tomato is a bleaching agent. It lightens skin considerably.

Skin tightening mask:

Take one egg white and mix it with three tablespoons of orange juice. Wash your face beforehand and then apply layers of this mixture with a brush. Do this weekly, and it will make you glow.

Orange contains antioxidants which lend a bright glow to the skin. Egg proteins strengthen collagen and elastin of skin.

Getting rid of skin oiliness:

Blend eggs, lemon, and grapes and apply this mask on your face for thirty minutes. The protein in the egg will tighten your skin and lemon will scrub out impurities.


To use milk to get a luscious skin, you need to mix flour, milk, and lemon and make a paste of sorts. Apply this mixture to your facial skin and rub for 20 minutes.Then,rinse your face with lots of water. Milk will keep your skin rejuvenated for days.

These home remedies make up only a fraction of things you can accomplish with household items. There are lots more. With a little bit of innovation, you can unearth many other techniques to beautify yourself from the comfort of your home.